How to use a Focus Labyrinth

  • Pick a specific intention or affirmation that resonates with you.  It could be a person that you’re concerned about, a quality or attribute that you desire and want to attract into your life, or a specific goal you would like to accomplish.  If you choose to, you can attach a colored stone to the center circle using a glue dot.  You can also write your intention or affirmation on the colored stone with the chalk marker.  It wipes off easily once you decide on a new or different intention.
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax.  Repeat the intention to yourself a few times and then begin.  Start on the outer edge of the labyrinth.  Slowly and gently, follow the path inward with your finger or the stylus.
  • Release all thoughts.  Surrender and immerse yourself in the journey to the center.
  • Once you arrive at the center, take a minute or two to rest, listen, tune in and receive any information regarding your intention or desire.  The labyrinth will “whisper” clues and insights to help you achieve your intention or goal.
  • Don’t follow the path back out… Simply release your intention or goal.
  • Write down any information you’ve received during the meditation on the notepad.  Review it for ideas on how best to plan your day/week/life!

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